Want to walk into the Holiday Season WITHOUT all the end-of-the-year stress?

We've gotcha covered! Our 2022 Holiday Planner helps you keep track of all the important holiday plans, while helping you focus on what matters MOST to you and your family!

Make this the year you enjoy a PEACEFUL holiday season!

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Here's what you'll get inside your FREE 2022 Holiday Planner: 

  • BLANK CALENDARS: Use these calendars to plan out your activities, appointments, and events for the holiday season!
  • HOLIDAY CHECKLIST: Walk through this preparation checklist to ensure that you’ve covered all your bases!
  • MENU PLANNER + SHOPPING LIST: You’ll find 4 of these sets in your planner, though you can print off as many as you need! As you plan your menu for your big holiday dinners, go ahead and make the shopping list right along with it, so you don’t forget anything at the store!
  • PARTY PLANNER: You’ll find 4 of these party planning sheets, to help you sketch out the food, decor, activities, and other important aspects of any holiday parties you might be hosting!
  • BLACK FRIDAY + CYBER MONDAY SHOPPING PLANS: Check out all the deals ahead of time and write out a plan for where you’re going to go (both in person and online!) and what you’re going to buy. We both know you may not stick to your list completely, but we bet that thinking through these purchases ahead of time will help you stick to your budget a little better!
  • CHRISTMAS GIFT PLANNING GUIDE (4 THINGS): Use this 4-gift strategy to keep Christmas gifts simple and meaningful!
  • CHRISTMAS GIFT PLANNING GUIDE (LIST): Keep a list of what you’ve purchased for people, all year long! This helps you avoid those Christmas Eve shopping trips because you forgot Aunt Sue!
  • CHRISTMAS CARD LIST: Make a list of everyone you’d like to send a Christmas Card to, and jot down their address. This is a list you can use year after year to keep everyone’s info in one place!
  • THANK YOU NOTES: As you open gifts, keep this printable handy and write down what you’ve received, so you can write thank you notes after the holidays!
  • CHRISTMAS GIFT TAGS: Print out these cute gift tags on white card stock, and use them to label your gifts! No need to buy expensive ones from the store!

I'm Kayse, mom of 2, and I'm thrilled to help you plan a holiday season that DOESN'T stress you out!

The holidays can be overwhelming - with all the added activities, responsibilities, and good intentions! Let us simplify it for you, so that you can get the important things done without losing your mind along the way!

Make THIS the year you enjoy a truly peaceful holiday season!