Tired of feeling like you never have enough time to get all-the-things done?

Let's be honest. It's A LOT.

Yep, it is!

You try your very best to split your time between all the things you need to be doing, but you still feel like you just can't quite hack it. The truth is...

I mean, it'd be pretty great if you could clone yourself, right?!


Maybe it's time to streamline all-the-things
into one focused system that basically
runs on auto-pilot.

(I mean, THAT'S THE DREAM, right?!)

Let's imagine it for a second...

Your calendar is prepped and under control, ultimately shaped by your (and your family's) priorities instead of everyone else's.

You've got a flexible plan for dinner each night, and you basically never run out of meal ideas - ones your family actually likes!

You no longer worry about the things that aren't getting done, because you know exactly when you're getting to them!

Maybe MOST amazingly, you finally have time for all those things you WANTED to do, but never had time for - Bible study, quality time with your people, and *gasp* even rest!!!

Instead of managing all-the-things, all at once, you know exactly what matters most each day, and you've got a plan to get it taken care of in the most efficient way, without stress.

I'm not talking about an every-second-scheduled, completely inflexible system, either.

That's not real life.

I AM talking about a flexible, priority-based approach to home + family.

One that recognizes that while you weren't made to do all-the-things, you still gotta get some things done.

So we pick the most important things in each season, and pursue those without regret.


This approach not only understands your need for rest, connection, and spiritual growth, but VALUES it!

(And gives you the ability to make space for those things.)

A healthy blend of productivity + peace is what we’re going for here. 

Getting the essentials done while also tending to the parts of life that are truly important, for yourself AND your family.

And THAT, my friend, is well within your reach.

The Anchored Life Club is the only monthly membership for overwhelmed women that teaches a priority-based approach to home + life.

πŸ‘‰ With our live coaching & done-for-you resources, we'll help you find the sweet spot between productivity and peace. πŸ™Œ

Let’s get your to-do list running on autopilot,
so you can finally find time to enjoy your life!

Here in the Anchored Life Club, we firmly believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice the important for the urgent.

So let's create a realistic plan for all those urgent things we KNOW keep coming our way, so we can manage them in peace while keeping the important things important!

With your new ALC membership, you'll finally have:

No more struggling to figure out where to start! You'll have a clear, meaningful plan for all your to-do's. Distraction & defeat, you're NOT going to win anymore!

Let's take some of the exhausting decision-making out of your already-busy life & clear up some brain space! We've done all the hard work for you already. You just have to pick and choose what you want to use!

Quit feeling like you're about to drop all the balls you're juggling, and start feeling on top of your day-to-day tasks & capable of handling those inevitable surprises that come your way.

Have confidence of knowing the important things are DONE so you can finally feel like you've got freedom to do those things you dream of...like reading a book, taking a nap, or having lunch with a friend!

As a member of the Anchored Life Club, you'll learn how to streamline all-the-things so that you can FINALLY free up your time to dive into the projects + passions that actually matter to you.

Let me show you how we do that each month:

First, we teach you how to put your essentials on autopilot. Planning, cleaning, meals, and more - we help you get these basics into a system that works, so they can stop taking up room in your head.

Each month, we take a deep dive into one important area of your life. Using our signature Prioritized Planning Method through our monthly coaching calls, you'll cycle through all 6 zones of your life + home twice a year - and finally be able to get to all the things you haven't been able to find the time for.

And while we're doing all that? We'll ALSO support you inside of our active & engaged community!! We've got you covered however you need the most support - chat with us inside the private group, get to know your fellow members during our monthly coffee chat calls, and find the accountability you need to get stuff done during our popular Get-It-Done Days!

Ready for a closer look inside the membership? Check out everything you'll get each month:

Digital and printable, these resources will take care of the essentials, so you're freed up to focus on what matters!

  • Editable, pre-filled monthly checklist to make sure you've got all the essentials covered!
  • Allergy-friendly meal ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks!
  • Scripture-based Bible study + journaling pages to anchor you in God's Word. (Use it on your own, or with your family!)


Use this master checklist to put ALL the basics on autopilot, every single month. You'll have a simple checklist to track your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, plus ideas for connecting with your people AND building rest into your schedule!

The best part? This checklist is totally editable - so you can make it your own each month!!

Curated with our community in mind, this monthly meal ideas list gives you a wide variety of meals you can add to your meal plan each month! No more searching for meal ideas - we've got you covered with GREAT recipes that will save you planning + prep time!

The best part? Every single recipe is notated with an allergy-specific key, so you can easily choose the best meals for your family's needs!

Our Anchored Women Bible Studies keep your quiet time anchored in the truth of God's Word. No fluff or opinions – just you and an open Bible, diving into God’s Word at your own pace, and with a few study helps along the way!

The best part? Each month's study is a simple guide through ONE book of the Bible, or ONE topic seen through Scripture, broken up into bite-sized chunks for each day’s reading!

Before the month begins, we'll hop on a call to help you put those monthly resources to use! This is a working call, where Kayse walks you through each step of the process AND gives you time to work on the planning right then!

Kayse will guide you through planning out...

  • Your schedule - Get all those responsibilities and events down on paper, make space for real margin, and get that bird's eye view of the kind of month you're walking into.
  • Your meal ideas list - Create an easy reference guide for your entire month, making weekly meal planning a breeze!
  • Your master checklist - Let's customize that checklist for your unique month!
  • Your monthly priority + corresponding goals - you'll name what matters and set goals around that!

These monthly planning calls give you the skills AND the support needed to create a focused, priority-based plan for the month, so you can continue to pursue what matters MOST in your day-to-day life!

We kick off each month with a live coaching call tackling one specific area or your personal or home life!

Through these monthly coaching calls and challenges, we'll use our signature Prioritized Planning Method to dive into either your personal or home life each month - tackling a project within that area of life!

Take a look below at some of our past coaching calls. Each of these now live in our club's video archive - which every member gets access to!

  • Creating the culture in your home
  • Resetting your home for summer
  • Establishing intentional anchors in your home
  • Mastering kitchen organization
  • Prioritized meal planning
  • Meal planning hacks to save you money
  • Making your master bedroom a haven
  • Creating a habit of tidiness in your bedrooms
  • Preparing your home for visitors
  • Tackling decluttering for good
  • How to set goals for your season
  • How to make time blocking work for you
  • Refreshing your Bible study routines
  • Creating a screen free(dom) life
  • Organizing your email inbox
  • Setting up your phone to eliminate distractions

We'll focus in on a specific aspect of your personal or home life each month, tackling topics that matter to YOU!

Tackling new things is way more fun with friends. In the ALC, we support each other as we work toward our goals!

  • Join our encouraging + active members-only community group on Mighty Networks, where we post daily! Use this group to get your questions answered, find like-minded friends, and grow your planning muscles!
  • Participate in our monthly (Zoom-based) Coffee Chats where you can get to know other members, get Kayse's help troubleshooting any issues that come up throughout the month, and enjoy a fun chat each month!
  • A member-favorite, our Quarterly Get-It-Done Days are scheduled each season to give you accountability and camaraderie as you work through a project alongside your friends!

Let us help you streamline the essentials, master your monthly planning, and tackle those bigger projects - all within an incredibly positive, supportive community!

Here's how to get started:

Click one of the orange buttons anywhere on this page, and choose the membership option that fits your life best! You can pick from monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans!

Log into your brand new membership account + look around! Watch the welcome video, add our calls to your calendar, and join the private members-only community! Join this month's planning session, where we'll walk through all the resources for the month, and answer any questions you might have!

Watch your time open up as you start planning by your priorities! Take it one step at a time, or dive all the way in, as you put that to-do list on autopilot! Between our active community, Coaching Calls, Coffee Chats, and Get It Done Days, you'll find all the support you need along the way!

Mind if I throw in a free BONUS...or 3?! πŸŽ‰

For all members! $24 Value

When you join the Anchored Life Club TODAY, you can get our Easy Home Checklists for FREE!

Get the EXACT checklists I use to keep my home clean and organized! You'll find decluttering guides and cleaning checklists for every single area of your home!

  • 12 Decluttering Checklists for every area of your home + life!
  • 7 Cleaning Checklists to cover every space in your home + deep cleaning and organizing!
  • Our NEW Clean + Tidy Checklist, designed to help you develop a weekly cleaning routine that's easy to maintain!
  • The EXACT checklists I use to keep my home clean and organized - and on autopilot!

Get these ($24 value, FREE!) when you join the Anchored Life Club today!

For Quarterly + Annual Members, $34 Value

When you join the Anchored Life Club TODAY on the quarterly or annual plan, you can get our newly redesigned Meal Planner for FREE!

The Anchored Women Meal Planner is a comprehensive meal planning system designed to help you:

  • Simplify the meal planning process
  • Save money by planning based on what you already have
  • Cultivate a family-loved collection of favorite meals and reference materials to make meal planning a snap
  • Streamline the grocery shopping process
  • Plus, it pairs PERFECTLY with the ALC's Monthly Meal Idea Lists!

Get the Easy Home Checklists AND the new Meal Planner ($58 in products, FREE!) when you join the Anchored Life Club today as a quarterly member!

For Annual Members Only, $188 Value

When you join the ALC as an annual member, you'll get access to our Quarterly Planning Sessions for FREE!

Prepare for each season before it begins in a working planning call where Kayse will guide you through...

  • Our seasonal Reflect + Refresh process
  • Curating your quarterly schedule
  • Finding a 90-day focus
  • Setting quarterly goals + action steps
  • Getting clear on exactly what your priority is for each season!

Get ALL 3 BONUSES - the Easy Home Checklists, the Meal Planner, and the Quarterly Planning Sessions ($246 in products, FREE!)- when you join the ALC as an annual member today!

See what other women love about The Anchored Life Club!

YOU can find the same balance of peace + productivity, too!

Ready to find that healthy balance of productivity + peace?



  • The Prioritized Planning Method
  • Monthly Coaching Calls + Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Master Checklist
  • Monthly Meal Plans
  • Monthly Bible Study
  • Private Members-Only Community Group
  • BONUS! Easy Home Checklists
  • BONUS! New Meal Planner
  • BONUS! Quarterly Planning Sessions
Join for just $34/month!

Billed monthly. Price locked in for as long as you're a member! No commitment required - cancel anytime.


  • The Prioritized Planning Method
  • Monthly Coaching Calls + Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Master Checklist
  • Monthly Meal Plans
  • Monthly Bible Study
  • Private Members-Only Community Group
  • BONUS! Easy Home Checklists
  • BONUS! New Meal Planner
  • BONUS! Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • QUARTERLY SAVINGS: Save $4/month!

Billed every 3 months. Price locked in for as long as you're a member! No commitment required - cancel anytime.

*best value!*

  • The Prioritized Planning Method
  • Monthly Coaching Calls + Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Master Checklist
  • Monthly Meal Plans
  • Monthly Bible Study
  • Private Members-Only Community Group
  • BONUS! Easy Home Checklists
  • BONUS! New Meal Planner
  • BONUS! Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • ANNUAL SAVINGS: Save $68/year!


Billed annually. Price locked in for as long as you're a member! No commitment required - cancel anytime.

How do I know the Anchored Life Club will actually work for you?

Because I've been in that overwhelmed, exhausted place myself, and IT. IS. MISERABLE.

Out of that time in my life, I came up with a solution to streamline the chaos, and now I'm dedicated to helping other busy, faith-filled moms do the same.

I randomly love doing dishes.

And I can't wait to be your margin-maker.

And your encourager. And your life-organizer. And your cheerleader.

Let's be friends. πŸ˜‰

I’m a wife, homeschooling mom of 2, and accidental business owner who has a LOT to manage every day - and I am, by nature, easily overwhelmed by it all.

The short version of my story is this: I hit rock-bottom one day after exhausting all of my reserves, yet again, and realized that I needed some systems to help me manage all-the-things.

(Since hiring a maid, cook, and nanny were not reeeeeally in the budget!)

From there, I created the Prioritized Planning Method, and started applying it to every area of my life - determining to give my best to what was MOST important, and put the rest on auto-pilot, as much as humanly possible.

Inside the ALC, I teach you implement this same process I've used to infuse peace back into my life without sacrificing my productivity.

(Stuff still has to get done, right?!)

But more than that, I'm committed to walking beside you as you apply this priority-based approach in every area of your life, the way YOU see fit, so that your home + life line up with the things you value most!

This membership gives me the opportunity to do that - to interact with you personally, to answer your real-life questions, and to walk with you as you find your own balance of productivity and peace!

Are you ready to join me inside?!

What makes the Anchored Life Club different than any other monthly home + life membership?

We could very easily say that what sets the ALC apart is our collection of gorgeous, comprehensive monthly resources.

Or we could champion our incredible support through coaching calls, Get-It-Done-Days, monthly chats, and our 24/7 private community group.

But honestly?

What TRULY sets the Anchored Life Club apart is our approach to all of those things.

We're not about giving you more things to do - you've already got enough on your plate.

Instead, we want to help you find a way to efficiently manage your home + life, without sacrificing your peace.

We teach you how to focus in on what matters MOST, how to be productive in a way that aligns with your true priorities, and how to confidently let go of the rest.

You're not joining the Anchored Life Club because you need another checklist staring you down each morning.

You're joining because you're ready to live differently, find that realistic balance of productivity and peace, and finally kiss those exhausting cultural expectations goodbye.

We're here to help you do exactly that.

(Okay, okay, AND our resources ARE gorgeous, and our support IS incredible!)

Okay, I'm in. Let's talk cost.

You can join the Anchored Life Club for as little as $34!

Consider the ALC your one-stop-shop for home + life management.

If you were to purchase everything in this membership separately, it would look a little more like this...

Yes, friend. All those other programs would cost you a whopping total of $233. PER MONTH. 😬

We're not going to charge you anywhere near that.

With the Anchored Life Club, you can get ALL of this, streamlined into an integrated, customizable, easy-to-implement package, for a fraction of the price. You can get started for as little as $34!!

Plus, it's gorgeous, and everything is color-coordinated. You can't BEAT that!!

For less than the cost of ONE family dinner out each month, you can finally get that less-stressed, more intentional life you've been praying for.

And you can save even more money with our quarterly + yearly plans!

Ready to dive in?!

Friend, it's time to stop:

>>> It's not about doing all the things.

>>> It's not about having a perfectly clean house.

>>> It's not about running yourself & your family on a tight schedule.

It's about creating MARGIN, PEACE, and FREEDOM in your life so that you can focus on what truly matters.

You can do this. Join the Anchored Life Club today!

What makes the Anchored Life Club worth $34/month?

The Anchored Life Club is actually designed to SAVE you money! Here are a few ways it does that:

  • Our meal ideas contain a lot of overlapping ingredients, which helps cut down on your grocery bill (and meal planning in general saves money as well!).
  • Keeping your home clean and tidy with our Master Checklist will help you know where everything is, so you don't buy duplicates you don't actually need.
  • And that Master Checklist is also full of frugal and free ideas to help you connect with your family without spending money!

For less than the cost of one family dinner out, you can get all of this and more, every single month! 

How will I be able to view the live sessions, or join the community, if I'm not on social media?

GREAT NEWS: You do NOT need to be on social media to take part in any of the Anchored Life Club!!

Our monthly Coaching Calls + Planning Sessions are on Zoom! Totally accessible to everyone - we'll even record the calls so you can watch the replay if you can't attend live.

We totally understand (and applaud!) the decision to stay away from social media, which is why our private community takes place OFF FACEBOOK! We use an app called Mighty Networks, which allows us to have an incredible community without ads or angry Facebook posts. It's just us, in our little corner of encouragement. You'll love it!

How long do I have access to the membership?

You have access to the Anchored Life Club for as long as you're a member! We do change out the resources each month as we release the new month's content. To keep all the resources at all times, you'll just download each month's printables and save them to your computer! (And we send out an email each month with a reminder!)

Is the Anchored Life Club just for people with little kids at home?

Nope! The ALC is flexible enough to work for any family. We have members who are single women, empty nesters, grandmas, moms of teens and adults, and more - these staples of home management are beneficial to everyone!

I'll let Kim, a mom of teens, share her experience with you: 
"I was a little reluctant to buy a membership to the Anchored Life Club because I have older children - ages 15 & 17. I didn't know if all the resources would apply to me. I was totally wrong! I am so happy I bought this - it's the BEST gift I've bought for myself!" - Kim, Mom of 2.

I have the S.O.S. Planner and the Your Anchored Home Course already. How is this different?

This is such a good question! Both the planner and the course are super practical, singularly focused products. The planner helps you plan your days, and the course helps you create a custom home management routine. These are both fantastic resources to bring with you into the Anchored Life Club (but, of course, are not required!).

The ALC takes a much more integrated approach to all areas of life, pairing practical resources with live, personal coaching. We create a wider variety of monthly resources specific to the current season + the needs of our members, including meal plan ideas, complete Bible studies, ideas for rest and connection, and more. And then, through live coaching*, we actually walk beside members as we plan our months together, put those resources into action, and make progress on specific areas of our homes + lives.

This is what truly sets the Anchored Life Club apart - our interactive, hands-on approach, designed to partner with you and support you through the process of curating a life anchored in what matters most!

*The membership is the only place where you can get live coaching with Kayse, multiple times a month!

What if I decide the ALC isn't for me?

We know that everyone has different needs at different times! If you aren't happy with your purchase, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. After the first 30 days, no refunds will be given, but you are free to cancel anytime. Canceling will allow you to complete the session you've paid for (the rest of the month or year), and will discontinue any future charges.

With the Anchored Life Club, you really CAN prioritize your life with less stress and more peace!

We're here to help you every step of the way!

So what are you waiting for?! Let's get started!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase a membership to the Anchored Life Club!

  • The Prioritized Planning Method
  • Monthly Coaching Calls + Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Master Checklist
  • Monthly Meal Plans
  • Monthly Bible Study
  • Private Members-Only Community Group
  • ALL MEMBER BONUS! Easy Home Checklists
  • ANNUAL MEMBER BONUS! Quarterly Planning Sessions

ANNUAL PLAN: $340/year (2 months FREE!)
QUARTERLY PLAN: $90/quarter
MONTHLY PLAN: $34/month