Looking for a few great books to dive into this summer?

We've got you covered!! Our Anchored Women Summer Reading Guide is sure to fill your TBR list with books you'll LOVE!

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Get a curated list of books you'll LOVE to read this summer - all in the following categories! 

  • OUR FAVORITE FICTION - Well-loved fiction reads that will have you turning pages well into the summer nights!
  • BOOKS THAT ENCOURAGE - Non-fiction reads that will encourage you in a variety of areas of life!
  • LISTEN ON-THE-GO - Books that are GREAT on audio, especially if you do your reading on-the-go!
  • DIVE INTO A SERIES - Love picking up a book only to find that it leads into a series of a few more great reads? These are some of our favorites!
  • GETTING STUFF DONE - Fantastic books on productivity that help you figure out YOUR best strategies for productivity + efficiency!
  • TO READ TOGETHER - Books that are completely fun and entertaining to read together as a family - both for you and your kids, no matter their ages!

Get that library card ready - you're about to have a ton of new books to add to your list!

I'm Kayse, and I love books with my whole heart!

Summer is SUCH a fun time to dive back into reading - with it's longer days and slower schedules. But what should you start with? Who do you trust for book recommendations you know you'll love?

I hope this new Summer Reading Guide is a great place to start! These books are ones I've read and loved, and I hope you will too!

Happy reading, friends!

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