Here at Anchored Women, we’re all about planning our days - and our holidays - around what matters most.

So to help us all focus on what matters and embrace a simple, meaningful Christmas, I’ve put together this gift guide for the whole family. Each section offers a few suggestions for gifts that are fun, useful, and meaningful – things that the whole family will love!

Our hope is that a simple Christmas really helps us all focus on what matters most – the gift of Christ, sent for us.

I hope this simple gift guide helps inspire you as you prepare to shop for presents this Christmas!

For the Women
For the Men
For the Kids
For the Planners
For the Readers


This is my very favorite Bible! Each book comes with a very thorough reading plan, plus there are a ton of notes and graphs along with the intro to each book. Scattered throughout the Bible are devotions as well. It's such a great tool for Bible study!

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This cute wallet is perfect for managing your money a little more closely! I've been using something similar to switch back to cash and break up my purchases into a weekly allowance. In tough economic times, this wallet has proven really helpful! (And pretty!)


I absolutely love this speaker! It's totally waterproof, and bluetooth ready - so you can stream music or a podcast while you're taking a shower. My favorite way to use it is to stream the audio version of the Bible to listen to God's Word while I'm taking a shower in the morning! Best gift I've ever gotten!


Elisabeth Elliot

This book is one I come back to over and over again. It's a collection of essays on all kinds of different topics - usually practical life advice for the Christian woman. I'm so grateful for the wisdom of Elisabeth Elliot in my own life - she's grounded in Scripture and not ashamed of it!erfect Christmas gift!


This is the perfect gift for your busy friends - or for yourself! The AW Meal Planner gives you a very simple system that helps you put dinner (and even breakfast and lunch!) on the table while saving you a ton of time and money!


Uniquely designed to help you streamline your to-do list so you can spend your time on what you love, this monthly subscription is a MUST-HAVE for busy women, and the best present you could give them (or yourself!), since it lasts all year long!


I gave this wallet to every man in my life last year (husband, dad, + brother!) because it's so thin, compact, and still has room for everything you need. It has a little pull tab to get your cards out, and is so very handy! I even bought myself the keychain version, because I loved theirs so much!


Jon and I actually bought these for each other one year without knowing it! It's seriously the best travel mug for keeping your tea or coffee hot, and it fits great in your hand. Since it comes in so many fun colors, you can really personalize it for the person you're gifting it to!


This might be Jon's favorite possession in our house. 🤣 He uses this coozie every day to keep his energy drinks cold while he teaches all day. Works great, and is the perfect gift for your energy-drink-loving husband!


If you have a coffee-snob in your house, like I do, this coffee grinder is sure to be a hit. It grinds coffee up into many different sizes, which apparently is important according to what kind of coffee you're drinking. I wouldn't know, I'm a tea girl! But Jon says it's important, so I'm sure your coffee-snob men would agree, too!


My kids are 8 and 11 and still obsessed with Legos. In fact, they are about the only toy we still have in our house...and they have taken over the entire upstairs. You'd think that would mean that I would stop buying them, but, in fact, they are the biggest hit for Christmas and burthdays! And I love the imaginative play that comes along with them. I'll keep buying them as long as my kids keep playing!


This is our very favorite board game, and our whole family plays as often as we can! In fact, we’ll probably play a few times over Thanksgiving. It’s competitive and so much fun for the adults, and it’s got trains, so the kids love it too!

(Plus there are expansion packs you can buy, which is super fun!)


My side of the family got this game for us a while back, and I didn't even open it because I wasn't sure what it was. But then we went to visit them, and played it, and it was SO MUCH FUN! Good for all ages, we could NOT stop laughing the entire time. Highly recommend as a great family game!


I absolutely love these books, and so do my kids. Packed full of accurate Bible trivia, these Bible Infographic Books are a really fun way to get your kids reading and keep them engaged. Highly recommend for all ages.

(There are currently 3 available, plus an activity book!)


I love reading aloud, but sometimes there's an audiobook that just plain does it better. This is one of those! This is SUCH a great audio recording – it sounds like everything is happening in real life! If you love C.S. Lewis and this timeless series, this is a must-buy.


Our best-selling planner is designed to give you ONE central place to keep track of everything going on in your head each day! The planner comes with 13 layouts in 2 colorways, all included with your purchase, making it the most versatile and customizable planner on the market! 

Perfect as a gift for your favorite planner friend, OR for yourself! It's the gift that will keep giving all year long. 😉


These are just my favorite colorful pens, hands down. Use them for color coding, or just writing beautifully in a plain old notebook - these pens are bright and colorful and just the best ever! Plus, pair them with a pretty journal, and you've got a great gift!


Similarly, these are my favorite highlighters - perfect for using in your planner AND even in your Bible! They are two-sided with a larger, chiseled tip on one end, and a smaller felt tip on the other. I use these for everything, and have at least 4 sets of them around my house. You can't go wrong gifting these!


These markers are a new discovery for me, and I'm about to buy them for all my planning friends this year! They are not designed to write with, but to make perfectly sized dots to create a colorful checklist, bullet points, or anything else you want to use dots for! These are a bit of a luxury purchase, but they are so much fun! Would be perfect to pair with a planner, too!


Everyone loves pretty washi tape! To decorate your planner, hang up your memory verse cards around the house, or even scrapbook, washi tape is such a fun, colorful way to add a little personality to your planner life. Grab a set of solids, like this one, or one with a fun pattern you know your friend will love!


I use these all throughout my planner to mark off important pages, like the monthly calendar, weekly spread, and current day of the week - not to mention lists and checklists in the back! These are so slim, they don't cause a lot of trouble when you're writing in your planner. Love them!


This is always my notebook of choice. The pages are so smooth, the cover bendable, and it's just the perfect brain dumping (or bullet journaling) notebook! I have a zillion of them, and have gifted these with a fun set of pens to make a great gift!


As a busy mom, this is my favorite way to read on-the-go. I can keep my Paperwhite with me, and read it in the car, or at the gym, or whatever. You can download books for your kindle from your library (!!!), or with Kindle Unlimited, you get access to a TON of books for free.

(I'm sure these will go on sale on Black Friday, so see if you can purchase one then!)


Track all your reading details with this comprehensive reading journal! Your favorite reader will love the ability to make lists, rate books, and plan out their reading year!


Give your favorite reader a fun way to mark up their books without marking up their books!


Hands down the best book I read all year. Gretchen gives a completely new approach to spiritual disciplines, uncovering how can bring us freedom instead of just being one more thing on our spiritual to-do list. I'll be re-reading this book at the beginning of every year!


I've re-read this series multiples times. These books are a modern, faith-based take on family and relationships. Co-authored by Gary Smalley, this series takes on serious issues like infidelity, abuse, doubting faith, and impossible medical diagnoses. If you're looking for a series that hits you in the feels, this one is it.

(Bonus: This series leads into a collection of series that continue the story of the Baxters. There are literally dozens of Baxter books - even a series for kids, which my 11-year-old loves!)


Last year I fell down the Colleen Coble series hole. And it was delightful! If you like a good suspense novel, written from a faith-based perspective, these books will be totally up your alley. These three are her most recent, and my favorites of her books. You've got an independent female lead, a strained father-daughter relationship, and an unfolding history of their life in the cult they escaped from - this is a page-turning series for sure.

I hope you find something in these gift ideas that both you and your family will love! Want to go look at one of the sections again? Click the links below to take you straight there.

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