Ready to plan an INTENTIONAL summer, full of fun, connection, and rest?!

Our Intentional Summer Planning Guide is designed to help you do exactly that! You'll be able to create routines, make space for fun, and cultivate meaningful connections with your family this summer!

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Intentional Summer Planning Guide: 

  • A thoughtful workbook to help you figure out what you truly NEED this summer, and then thoughtfully choose a shared focus for the entire family.
  • Bright, colorful planning pages to help you plan and display lists covering...
    - Summer Fun
    - Summer Reading
    - Summer Movies
    - Daily Plan
    - Weekly Schedule
    - Ways to Earn Money (specifically for the kids)
    - To Do Before Screens (specifically for the kids)
    - and more!
  • A printable 4-month calendar to help you create a flexible plan for the summer months.

It's EVERYTHING you need to plan a fun-packed summer!

I'm Kayse, mom of 2, and I'm thrilled to help you plan an intentional summer - by walking through all the prep work right beside you!

It can be so hard to figure out how to fill all those summer hours with activities and plans that are simple and still meaningful! Or even just to find ways (and time!) to accomplish your personal goals for the summer!

That's why we've created this planning guide to help you think through every aspect of your summer plans!

Don't let another summer slip through your fingers.